” As in solitude sacred temple,
without seeing God feels your presence
I had a feeling in the world, your existence
and as God, without seeing you adored ”
(Let us love Song)

” I waited and rewrote my future
Here is my only safe place
I believe in you and in this love,
I has become indestructible
I believe in you and my pain kilometers fell behind
my ghosts today, finally at peace ”
(Song Reik Creo en ti)

” Only God who saw me in my bitterness
He could give me comfort in your love
And he sent to me your tenderness
and your affection, erased my pain ”
(Song of J. Dove dear Alfredo Jimenez)


These songs express what many grandparents have felt. It is as if our grandchildren will live in our minds and our enthusiasm, long before it. A teacher said that ” the grandparent is the best state of a woman, ” I think so too! that being a grandmother is the greatest degree of realization of a woman.
To begin I would like to tell a story: a television program called Brotherhood; in a chapter a girl has a serious accident careless, and when his grandfather comes to talk to her says ” When I was in the Vietnam War; amid the terrifying battles, when getting some sleep, he had one dream; that fed my desire to live, the desire was to go home, see my parents, my girlfriend, marry her, have children and then grandchildren. So 40 years before you were born, I dreamed just as you are; you were my dream 40 years ago, the dream that made me live ” This touched me greatly, I came because I had a similar experience. about 35 years ago she went through a very sad time in my life, suffered a tremendous depression; more on these ‘slow hours of misery and suffering’ ‘when he managed to sleep, I comforted me a dream, a heavenly vision that God sent an emissary to ease my pain and give me strength to endure and live. That recurring dream, this vision was a girl (about 18) running in a park, smiling at me with sincere and enormous affection and seeing her I felt infinitely happy. In recent times, recently I learned that the girl was my granddaughter, I returned to dream it now with all his cousins ​​and brothers, my other grandchildren; or is that just like the grandfather of the television series, thirty years before she was born, she gave me hope in the future and strength to fight, to overcome adversity and continue living until this point of complete peace in I meet now.
So often the love of grandmother, is a selfless love, serene, relaxed, in peace and freedom. It is a similar love that you have for the children, but without the burden of responsibility that often overwhelm with their children; This coupled with the experience and wisdom acquired. However, as nothing in life is perfect and you can not have it all, in most cases, to get to becoming a grandmother, most get tired, others angry and many got tired and sick, some even (as is the case of writing) with a disability or physical impairment; why, despite the great love you have towards the grandchildren, we are difficult to care. That is, you as a young mom, you can go to your mom, your parents, your children solicit support, with full confidence in his love for them, with the full knowledge that they will never voluntarily harm them; but being aware of your body and physical abilities are depleted and it can be sometimes even unsafe for a young child.

Landing in point: In order to you go to work and fulfill your responsibilities, which need certain hours and safety, the best for your kids is a place specialized personnel: School, nursery, nanny etc .. But the object of this writing, is emphasized, ask you please do not take this the wrong excessive pampering, or conversely exaggerated apprehension or different scolding that to your children, have their grandmothers. Note that just like you, all you do for them is moved by the great love with them, and for that love can give his own life, because for us grandmothers, grandchildren are the culmination, the cusp of realizing the greatest love that exists.


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