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Much has been made of the super foods, but do we really know what they are and what benefits they bring to our health?

Today I share some of the delicious and nutritious foods that you can use in most of your recipes.

Get to know them and start to take advantage of its benefits.

1. Turmeric is the root / Spice moment and there’s a reason for that. Turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food. Turmeric has anti-cancer properties, works to support health and brain function and also relieves pain and prevents a number of joint diseases such as arthritis. Dishes of South Asia and North Africa are rich in turmeric which is ideal for cooking. Root juice to make shots turmeric, use powdered or root for lattes turmeric, add to smoothies, making gold almond milk, add oatmeal, and Turmeric can be taken as capsules.

2. Açaí, known as the “Brazilian super fruit”, is native to the swamps of South America. It is a full antioxidant berry that is available in the US lyophilized powder or frozen puree. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Açaí are most popular for their metabolic properties and anti-aging support. If you have not heard of Acai Cup, review it and find a way to have one now! In addition to the beloved cup, Açaí is a great addition to smoothies tomorrow or mixed with yogurt.

3. The raw cacao is an inexhaustible source of magnesium and iron. It is super rich in antioxidants and is a great alternative to processed cocoa as it can be used similarly in baked dishes, smoothies and desserts.

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