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¿Infatuation? .. Definitive feel love is beautiful. However, this stage is not eternal and complicated…

How not to love you, mother, if you taught me to speak your language? If I am wind

Rock your baby?

Gonzalo Rojas

Great Wednesday to all !!

Since this week the star of the articles of Mama Alone, has been delivery, in this Section

Legally Mom talk about the rights of pregnant women in MEXICO.


PROHIBITED: Articles 166 and 170 of the Federal Labour Act states that no pregnant woman

You must perform in their work:

* Unhealthy or dangerous work that endanger their health or the baby;

* Industrial Night work;

* In commercial or service establishments shall not work after 10 pm

* Perform work requiring considerable effort and constituting a danger that threatens the

continuity of pregnancy, such as lifting, pulling or pushing heavy weights.

* Do not stand for long periods of time.

* Do not perform activities that disturb their mental and nervous state.

* You also may not work overtime.

Moreover, and more extended, Article 58 of the Federal Rules of SAFETY AND HEALTH

WORK lays down the rules to be followed for the Protection of Women Status

Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

It is FORBIDDEN assign pregnant women, performing the following tasks:

* Work where they are exposed to noise or vibration exceeding exposure limits;

* Involving exposure to radiation sources;

* With abnormal environmental pressures or elevated thermal conditions or folded down;

* Where are handled, transported, stored or processed toxic or carcinogenic substances.

* For those who are exposed to hazardous wastes, biological agents or infectious diseases;

* Demanding moderate and heavy physical exertion; than ten kilograms charges; positions

forced, or repetitive movements for long periods, involving abdominal effort or

lower limbs;

* Rescue, rescue brigades and claims;

* In extreme weather conditions in the open, exposed to the dehydration, heat stroke,

hypothermia or frostbite.

TELL THE PATTERN TO BE DIFFERENT relocated activities.- The woman who performs a

the activities referred to in the previous article, it should inform the pattern found

pregnant immediately after it becomes aware of the fact, so it’s relocate

temporarily in other activities that are not dangerous or unhealthy, in order to not run

unnecessary risks she and the baby.

SUELDO.- is important to note that women are entitled to their full wages without suffering

impairment in his salary, even in cases where it can not carry out their work by would find in any

the above assumptions.

QUOTES MÉDICAS.- Similarly, women are entitled to attend medical appointments, for which you must

request be issued a receipt for absence from work. The employer must allow you to go to these appointments,

and the woman is not required to replace the hours you spent on them.


CUARENTENA.- Women have the right to enjoy a break of six weeks before and six


If the woman you want, you can apply up to four to six weeks of rest before delivery,

They used after delivery; to this effect to spend more time with the newborn, which as

all moms know, it requires in the first weeks of our care.

They must meet these requirements:

* There must be written permission of the corresponding licensed physician (if the worker is affiliated

IMSS or ISSSTE, the authorization must be such medical institutions, or if the employer grants

miscellaneous health services from the private sector, must be issued by the respective doctor that service. In

If the authorization is issued by a private physician, it must contain the name of

professional, the Professional Certificate number, date and details of the clinical status of the worker).

* The employer must agree.

* The nature of work that women play will be taken into account; since it is not the same employment

eg office, work that develops a woman in a factory, which is physically heavier, and

not forget that at the end of pregnancy is just as women need more rest; this is

Obviously, (except for some super women who continue to serve until a few days before the birth of

baby) no longer has the same ability to perform daily tasks.

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Today I want to tell you about a very curious case was assigned to me in my first steps as a lawyer.
In 2000, one day my boss told me that he needed a young tramitáramos a divorce, so that day receive the client. To protect the privacy of the girl, we’ll call Béla.
Well, at the time of the appointment, and very timely, came Béla. Her dress was by other striking and bizarre. Bela was a tall, white woman, long black hair to the waist, his lips painted red lipstick. She was dressed in black from head to toe, with a long coat; pupilentes wore white, had many piercings and tattoos, wore a prosthetic fangs and also very chic touch! Her purse was a small coffin with a colorful Catrina for ornament.

He was gentle, cultured and well-educated; I told you: a trip that she met her future husband, fell in love and soon married. She had a daughter from a previous relationship, a beautiful girl named Anna, who also attended the meeting. Little was smart, healthy, very affectionate (in the final round with Béla, she made me a drawing with a huge heart saying I love you) leagues and love he had for his mother looked.
Like most women who marry, Béla married love and excited. However, their joy was over the day of your wedding, since the shindig, her new husband got drunk and cried in front of his guests now if you would know, for starters, this was his night weddings and wanted her daughter to go away to have fun alone.
Béla was devastated; despite its alternative clothing and being a fervent lover of everything related to vampires, to be the No. 1 fan of Anne Rice shape, and apparently a woman of strong character, she was a delicate and very sensitive woman.
He endured the little guy and abuse a couple of months, but in his own words, from your wedding day love is over.
So, the long arm of the law came to her rescue. Since Béla and her husband had separated for a year, and the inter she found a new love.
The new man in the life of Bela (Lugosi call him) was a young handsome and charming; also came to appointments in her gothic outfit, was so wonderful to Anna, and wanted to marry sooner Béla, thus requiring that divorce could be dealt with.
The next day, I quoted the husband Béla even to my office to sign the Convention for divorce by mutual consent; at this point I have to express openly, that despite the recommendations I have received all my life not to become passionate with cases of customers, not take personal, etc., etc., it is impossible not to feel a little anger and a much aversion against those responsible, when defending women who have been victims of physical and / or psychological, as in the case.
So, when his signature to the Convention, the said suddenly filled with rage and claimed in full appointment, that the blame for the failure of their marriage had been exclusively Bela, since he could not live someone who had a lifestyle so strange and unusual, even accusing her of having cow skulls and skulls as a ornaments scattered throughout the house, along with a giant portrait of Nosferatu in the bedroom.
The guy said, “could not live with a madman”, to which she replied in surprise: “But if you knew me with fangs posts”
Well, the divorce took place, Béla again a free woman marriage bond, and I guess, since not see her again, which is remarried and from then until now lives happily with the beautiful, divinely disrupted Lugosi, someone who shares, understands and loves the exceptional Vampire craze Mom.

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