Making comparisons between us

From birth, we will gradually becoming social beings and gradually we are getting used to being surrounded by people who fortunately or unfortunately make us know a reality that we may not like. We started to hear comments like: “You’re more chubby than your brother”, “lower grades did you get your friend”, etc. And indeed cause some discomfort or anger.

We began to make comparisons about what we have and do not have, about what we can do and what we can not do; all this in terms of others. However, we can also see the opposite side of the comparison is to recognize the best people to want to be like them.

But then, is it normal to compare ourselves?

The comparison is very natural among humans but can cause us a lot of damage. Up to us to allow the result of comparing, determine your value as a person, your feelings, thoughts or course of your actions. Throughout our life we ​​will find people comparing us or we ourselves will be those who perform these comparisons.

It is important to point out the objectives of the two comparisons that are common:

Comparison Positive: We can recognize that there are a variety of ways of thinking, feeling, acting and living. Also we put into practice when it serves as a guide or model for certain aspects or things we want to learn or change.
negative comparison: We use it to devaluarnos or devalue people around us, to qualify people as if they were simple and small objects. This kind of comparison is the most destructive; because it causes us pain and makes our being dependent on others.
Why we seek to compare our information with others?

Naturally we seek to be accepted within a social, labor or educational circle; and this is important to make clear that the security that each of us to handle, will be key to not doubt what we are. Regularly if other people agree with what we do or say, we automatically feel more confident.
The important key to be happy and not feel bad because comparisons hear about us is to have well thought our concept, strengths and weaknesses, and continuously strengthen our security and self-esteem.

If you are people who are saddened by every negative comment you hear from you, it is a small alarm to turn to professional help decide who will be very beneficial for you. Remember that all people are different with different skills. We can not be equal to others. You are very valuable and important, you just have to re-discover.

References: Psychology, Linda L. Davidoff. McGraw-Hill


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