‘As a lone star to shine in the small, sad sea,

and for a moment I felt the divine soul in his orphanhood
perhaps for a moment you understood me -nothing chewing,
or God wanted me to be in my poverty, the sole owner of the immensity ”
(Lone Star Song ” Agustin Lara)
” My destiny is very even, I want it as it comes
Enduring a sadness or behind an illusion
I walk through life, very happy with my poverty
As I have no money, I have a lot of heart ”
(Song El hijo del pueblo ” of Jose Alfredo Jimenez)

” Pan angelic, heavenly bread
It always gives the Lord
the poor, the servant, the humble ”
liturgical song Panis Angelicus (translation from Latin)

This column has inspired just passed on October 4, the day of St. Francis of Assisi, one of the saints (perhaps most) revered of Catholicism, of all history; respected even by illustrious lot of other beliefs and religions. This in genuine goodness and consistency, based on love all creatures of God and the purest and delivered humility.

Perhaps they think that in this article incur a mistake to combine both characteristics, poverty and humility are not the same thing; It is true (not the same) and I am fully aware of it. It is true that there are people with high purchasing power and economic level are simple, with a great sense of humility, and conversely, very poor, low social status and despite this arrogant and conceited. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is a bit difficult to fully assimilate humility, not understanding poverty and people living in that situation.
As always, I will mention my personal experience: My father (named Francisco) was a prominent teacher, a man prominent in culture and held various positions in politics. However it was a unique, quirky, almost pathological honesty. Its main peculiarity was that he loved poverty; he had the most original thought (maybe wrong, I do not know) that abundance, wealth, comfort propitiated vices, corruption and arrogance; and poverty flourished in the greatest virtues. Such ideas (I repeat such wrong time) obviously us inculcated and inherited, which although we have absolute respect for their way of life and we have absolutely nothing to reprocharle- if you created a bit of conflict, to earn the money needed . More nevertheless, all of us, the whole family, including nephews, grandchildren, hairpieces children and students (regardless of the economic status of each) all are also very thankful for having taught us by example, the value of compassion , charity, simplicity and humility; for teaching us solidarity and understanding with the most disadvantaged, the poorest; because he was an emblem of humility. My dad gave me a lot of knowledge, which emphasized the us understand that we were equal to others, we had the same dignity, the same rights and the same capacity as any; we were neither more nor less than anyone. Since it does it is make your child feel that is worth less than anyone, only the sense of equality. It is that when he is humble, it is easy to understand the reasons of others and therefore live in society. So much so, that many experts recommend that although parents have good economic situation, putting the children to make their own works of the humble class, to learn to appreciate the efforts of the less fortunate. And it seems paradoxical, but teaching the practice of humility, they are also taught to care, is another way to protect them. By teaching your child, from tiny, not treat others badly, not to brag or boast of their privileges, not to humiliate the poorest, to be humble: not only learn to be a better human being, by teaching to be simple, humble, you will make your child a more integrated society person, you’re going to protect people envious and resentful; to be humble will be a grateful, useful and above all safe and happy person.


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