Physical Disability.

” Feet, why do I love you? If I have wings to fly

Sentence of Frida Kahlo

” You often remind me of someone.
Your smile I imagine without fear.
Let’s see each other, little by little.
Give me your hands, feel mine,
Like two blind men, Saint Lucia.
(Song Saint Lucia)

‘Today I want to thank you for giving me hope
And being able to walk next to you
And for helping with the soul and giving me confidence
For giving me strength to follow
What can I say more, today I can dream and laugh
Thanks to you”
(Theme Song of Teletón 2013)

“That of lasting and passing, does not give us the right to presume
Because it is not the same as living. …. Honor life
(Song Honoring Life)

Once the holiday season has passed and with a sad wake up to our current rude world, I wish everything would be better the rest of the young year. It is a beautiful custom that in the month of December as a Christmas season, several programs are implemented to protect children, with an emphasis on the less privileged; (The Telethon one of them)  added to the above, details, to mention one, on December 3, is celebrated the international day of people with disabilities, and St. Nicholas of Bari has been declared by the Church the patron saint of Helpless children Entering the subject, I allow myself to begin by pointing out, that because of two accidents and the sequel of an illness, this servant who writes, I suffer from a motor disability. (On both feet) And I would like to confess that dealing with physical limitations, health complications and pain has not been as difficult as with a frivolous, superficial, increasingly metalized and inhuman society that relegates and discriminates To people who have a different appearance. I allow myself to assume that this is done out of fear, since absolutely no one, (of any kind or condition) is exempt from suffering an accident or a setback in his health and becoming disabled. Perhaps precisely because of this fear, they reject people with disabilities and refuse the opportunity to prove that in the mind, spirit and creative capacity, the disabled are people as useful as any other. I would also like to say that, in my personal experience: I do not consider it a misfortune, not a loss, the accidents that injured my feet. Disability has been for me a lesson in life, a way of approaching my helpless peers; And along with my other illnesses, I have learned to value health in its great dimension. Thanks to the disability I have learned to live really, to enjoy life and to find happiness in the little things of it, to give thanks for living every day, and this time to talk about this subject, with my heart in my hand.
When a woman is pregnant, from feeling her baby in her belly, she loves him deeply and dreams of the moment of knowing him. The greatest desire or yearning of every mother, above all else, as to her baby, is … to be born healthy; And once the baby is born, the main concern is, that nothing happens that damages its integrity and that it continues healthy; Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, it is. More for some reason, it is not always so; We come to present the case, that some babies are born with a disability, some others suffer an accident and some others get sick of something of great care. Certainly this seems unfair; It is certainly sad and not easy to face, but it is of the utmost importance in these cases to understand that nature is so perfect, the miracle of life and God are so great, that they have created a balance in all things and the The case before us is no exception. Children who suffer from a disability or serious illness are children of choice with a soul and spirit superior to other people. I could not explain this assertion by reasoning or scientific evidence; But if I dare to assert, that all the disabled children I have been blessed to know, are special people in kindness and purity of mind and soul. Therefore, who has to raise a child with a disability, should not feel that it is a misfortune; It is more a blessing, since from them they obtain great teachings. They teach us to value the treasures that are: health, free movement, having five senses, being able to work without limitations and of course to value the greatest gifts of life: love, family, solidarity and above all: Life itself. When you live and share with a child with a disability, you can no longer be indifferent to the suffering and pain of others, you can no longer act lightly and frivolously, nor can you be a prey to selfishness. A child with a disability is a superior human being and their parents, siblings and family, makes them better people. They teach us to really ” honor life. ”



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