The truth is the truth

I have to tell you the truth

Although my soul hurts
I do not want to judge me later
For pretending to silence her.

Maybe tomorrow you can understand
I was always sincere
Maybe for someone you know
I still love you
(Bitter Truth “by Consuelo Velazquez)

There are compassionate lies
There are lies because of pity
They do not want to hurt
But they really hurt us

I’m going to take refuge
To the land of your love: my truth
You are my love my joy
The truth of my life
You are my refuge and my truth
(My Mana Truth Song)
Omne verum, quocumque dicatur, Spiritu Sancto est –
All truth, whoever says it, is of the Holy Spirit.

What is the truth? Difficult question but I have resolved it in what concerns me, saying that is what your inner voice tells you. Truth is what is and remains the truth.
Mahatma Gandhi

In addition to the paragraphs of the two songs, I have chosen to begin with these phrases, referring to the truth, because I believe that the love of truth and rejection of the lie, is one of the main values ​​that we must inculcate our children, since very little ones. Sadly many moms do not consider this important; Even believe otherwise. I had to live my childhood in the 60’s, when here in Mexico (even more in Guadalajara and still more my family) the society was very conservative and puritanical. So to most of the children, we hid everything about sexuality and we were told stories like that ” the stork was the one that brought babies. ” When I was five, my mother was told The birth of one of my brothers; The baby came in the house, I helped my dad to put my mother to bed and I thought he felt bad, but the relation of that to the baby’s birth did not seem clear to me or cause me much intrigue. My parents and grandmothers said that the stork brought him, who came in through the window and that’s because that’s what Mom said. But these were cute, beautiful stories, created so that we did not have to explain to the children matters that (then) seemed scabrous. And – in my opinion – these could feed the imagination and perhaps, alter the analytical, scientific sense of the child, but no more. They did not do any harm to society at all. It seems to me rather that, on the contrary, by stimulating the imagination of the child, it is a good thing. Of which I try to speak in the present, is of the truths and lies, on the issues of daily life today How can we teach our child not to lie? : Not Lying to Us How can we teach it to be honest to speak with the truth? Talking with the truth. Not to be hypocritical? Not to cheat? Not fooling ourselves. However, in our day, hypocrisy, slander and lies have spread and spread as if they were a value. And this is something that starts from the womb; If the baby hears insults and lies, it is part of the language that he learns to speak. And the same is true of cowardice and courage. This is not about hurting our children, telling them that their dad is a … such as, who does not want them, does not keep them etc … etc … (even if it’s the truth)

Neither is it about things like: tell the little one, that we can not go to his aunt’s house, because she said that he was an ‘unbearable child’ No, it’s not about offending or hurting him. Moreover, that would be to teach him to be bitter, offensive, disrespectful and stupid. Although it seems somewhat complicated to teach him to distinguish between gross excessive frankness and true honesty, it is not really. It is simply to show him and tell him that you love him, but you must set limits for his sake; Because you will have to face a difficult world. That you love him and enjoy being with him, but you also have a life. That with you can always count, but the world does not revolve around it.
And the most important point: above all things, that before anyone, you must trust in yourself, that you are not going to harm him, that if anyone is in the world, that he is willing to forgive his mistakes, you are you! That way, you will not feel the need to go to the lie, you will feel comfortable with the truth. When a woman decides to have a baby and raise him alone, she makes an extremely courageous, honest and truthful decision. That is why it is important to sustain that truth.


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