Freedom Speech

” I would tell
which it has been a long road
that has mocked the fate
then my projects.
I would say your name (J. Luis Perales song)
” For freedom, I bleed, I fight, Pervivo.
For freedom, my eyes and my hands
as a carnal, generous and captive tree,
I give surgeons.
For freedom I feel more hearts
that sand in my chest: give foams
my veins,
and entered in hospitals, and enter
and daily lies. ”
For Freedom (song Serrat)

In another of these writings, he had already spoken of freedom. But I meant the above freedoms in general, to all forms of freedom. Over this time I want to refer to one in particular, the most complex, subjective, relative, conflicting and paradoxical of freedoms: of speech and thought. I can not hide it’s my favorite subject, in which I feel like a fish in water; the writing is full, totally and absolutely free woman.  But for the same reason that yours truly is comfortable on the subject, the same reason that so many people uncomfortable. I say I am an expert in the subject and I like to approach it, because in my own experience, my current unfavorable situation, is an example of the conflict that provokes freedom of expression. I know it sounds cheesy and uncomfortable, but I am a victim of the lack of freedom of expression that prevails in some areas of our country. (Of course, obviously there is no comparison with countries really repressors and environments ditto. But that’s another story)
And because? in this space dedicated to issues of education of young children, we refer to such a politicized and thorny issue? Because I try to tell my sad story, which all started when I was a little girl: My parents were lovers of freedom, especially my dad, who as well was an exceptionally good father and his children loved us more than nothing, deeply respected us, exhorting us we we stated in every way, with all freedom, including say everything we thought; we had absolute freedom to say what we want, all of us (my mother, my brothers and I) more particularly, I could say everything I thought, everything I believed. However, if we said an expression or a phrase or an offensive or slanderous idea, if a word could offend or hurt someone else, then yes, it was energetic and hard in his reprimands. That’s right: it was forbidden to use obscene or vulgar offensive language, or even more slurs to refer to another person, age, gender, social position or rank to be; but if the comment was not rude neither discriminatory nor clearly disrespectful; not being so, he could say what he liked, what I could think of. But …. when I got married, I went to the opposite extreme: for this man, all I said was wrong, inappropriate and unwise; I then spent 10 years afraid to say anything; absolutely everything I believed was used against me and it was censored. To me, I found it impossible to know .. what is allowed to say? that thoughts were not censored? He had no freedom of any kind, but much less word or expression.

When I freed myself from this situation of life and I had to fight my way back alone, I had to return to make decisions and to express myself, I was traumatized by the attitude of what attitude to take? of when I was very young, he could say whatever he wanted; or married I could not say anything, nothing. I think it is obvious that unconsciously chose the first option. So for several years, I walked expressing my ideas and ” singing their truths in the face ” to anyone who crossed me on the road. It was legal, it is assumed that ours is a free country. Until I found (or returned to find) with someone who did not think so. At that time as Juan Gabriel song ‘says’ I knew joy of life, because since childhood that my mom taught me. I never suffered, I never cried. Until I met you saw life in pain …. ”
Now to the point: how to prevent your child has problems and suffering for expressing their ideas? Based on my experience I suggest you: you say at all times that you can always rely on; than you can say whatever you; your so you will not censure or condemn anything. But that’s out there … .. intolerant people who do not support that contradict them; and you have to live with these people; you can get along with them, enduring their ideas. So as in all Mesura; It applies here more than everything else of ‘virtue is in the media’ ‘
You can teach your children to feel free to express themselves and think what they want, but be careful when having to ” pass through this road full of wolves ”


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