By memories of moments that I enjoyed, dreams that lived
of all the memories I keep you
by memories, I thank you
Song ‘Thanks for the memories” of R and R for Enrique Guzman
There are memories that I will not erase
people will not forget
There are aromas that want to take me
I prefer silence silences
Song ‘Memories that will not delete’ ‘Fito Paez
Your memories are sweeter every day oblivion only half took ”
Song ‘Lucy’ ‘Serrat

‘There is no oblivion
God who saves saves the metal slag
and prophetic figure in his memory
moons are and have been.
Are that chimerical museum fickle ways. We are our memory. that pile of broken mirrors ” Jorge Luis Borges

In this weekly space today will talk about memories. Many people say that living souvenir is for old ladies and failed. Even when we started talking about it faced mock annoyance. And if that we happen today …. Needless to say when we were very young! And that is why some people say, that ” it is healthier to forget ‘that’ we should not cling to the memories ” not necessarily always have to be like; but it is fair to recognize that these expressions have their point of reason; because most of the time, the sad, painful or failure memories are those that typically hold more strongly in our memory. It is true that while they are stored there will not let us move; and it is certainly more difficult to overcome the pain and forgive while not forgotten. Given these sad memories, it must be true that the healthiest and simple words, forget. But despite this, we as moms, we can try that, whatever is in our hands, for our children is not always the case. Moms have the authority to give our children (especially very small and from the womb) care due to your body and your mind; and the opportunity to create beautiful children in our memories. So as time passes and pleasant experiences are transformed into memories: these will comfort in difficult times and nourish and strengthen his spirit in times of trouble.
This as always, I assure only by my own experience, I dare to share: There was a time in my life (and had my three children) very difficult and painful for me; In those days I met depression and I felt trapped in a dead end. But on nights when he slept, he dreamed landscapes vacation, kids, laughter, celebrations and joy; After a while, I realized that those beautiful dreams were nothing but: Memories of my childhood in my parents’ house. And those sweet memories (along with the music, that’s another story) gave me the strength and understanding to find the exit. They say ‘remember is to live again’ ‘so to relive those joys, my spirit was strong and could find the remedy that situation. The vacation memories to family went to the beach, mountains and other cities. Christmas with the whole family, (one hundred cousins, uncles and grandparents) inns, the rosca de reyes, gifts and all parties; day without major concerns, the hours in the pool, my beautiful Cologne, my friends and even our pets; but above all, love, unconditional love of my family. (Especially my dad) All those memories were as beautiful as medicine and balm for my wounded heart; which finally managed to heal, much thanks to the memories.
Living memories may be some oldies; but creating them is youth and children; and our children depend on us. Obviously (we are aware of it) we can not protect them all the time, or all, or all people (including some who claim to love them and do ‘for her sake’ ‘sometimes hurt) we can not avoid suffering to face hostility and adversity from the world around them; the same as perhaps they believed bitter memories. But what it touches us, if we can try to let them memories that are balm and oasis in the desert, by which perhaps ever touch them walk.
Nice, beautiful or funny situations that become memories, when our children live, if they are strong, can shoot down, eliminate bad experiences; especially over time, which is when they form and consolidate memories. And we can strengthen the pleasant experiences, so bad no longer find a place in his memory. So these ‘broken mirrors” (Borges spoken of) these glasses, rather than to cut them; They know take one, polish and round it to keep in the bag, reflect and arrange his life embellishing it with fond memories.


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