” Glory to God in the highest ” garbage collected,
my street yesterday and today dark planted bulbs.
Apurad! beyond I hope that I will come if you want.
As night falls and our miseries and go to sleep
We go up the hill, which dressed up my street party ”
(Song Feast of Joan Manuel Serrat)

” Come on holiday and forget the cares
That if we continue like these will be even worse
Let’s party let’s dance
The rhythm of the rumba, who wants to accompany me ” (Song ” Let’s go party ”

I wear my best dress
this party heart,
I will laugh with my friends
I always gave their love.
I’ll come dressed in joy, laughter and happiness,
hoping that this party
never going to end …
religious song ” I will come to the party ”

People have held parties or important events celebrated since the dawn of humanity. Music, dance, cuisine art, culture and celebrations appear in history since man is formed as such. So the express joy in meeting with others is a natural act. It is that man is gregarious, outgoing nature; and rejoice and want to share with people close events like one more year of life, also it belongs to human nature; and it is known that the beings who preserved with greater purity, the essence of any race or species, are children, in all its forms. It is therefore not surprising that children enjoy both parties (all: Christmas, New Year, weddings, church etc ..) especially those that are in his honor, like birthdays. And the counterpart: people who have lost all traces of childhood, they seem somewhat annoying.

For this I tell you a personal anecdote: a short time ago a friend next to a daughter turned fifteen, while another with a small to meet three years; I talked both (each on its side) that by family and loved ones, had strong opposition to celebrate the birthday of their respective daughters. Arguing that ” had economic problems ” that ” there were priorities ” and ” were not to celebrate ” But the (respectively) girl was very excited about her party; the baby if he wanted longingly. A confidential consultation of the two, I said so then tell you: ” If she wants her party, if the child is excited with her, you must hacérsela! and see your happy baby, is worth any effort. For her, it is an important day. The XV years and third birthdays are very important for children dates. “Money comes and goes ” also for what is money? why do you work for? Is not the happiness of your children your greatest incentive in life? By seeing them happy is worth whatever! We love them so much that the simple fact of seeing them happy, joyful, makes any sacrifice and problem becomes light. And we as parents, we should not mind that other people criticize or do not like what we do. If your daughter likes her party if she enjoys it, that’s all important. ”

Is that need to be ” king (or queen) for a day ” or for a while, is part of the joy of living of children and youngsters. And this grandmother who writes, continues to believe that as parents, our main mission is to try to make them happy. As much as we try, whatever we do, we can not avoid that one day they face the problems of life and suffering. We expect tribulations, difficult decisions and lives alone in an increasingly hostile world. Do not you think that’s fair? that, at least as dependent on us, while under our care; if we can give them a moment of joy, why not?

Of course this is not always or in all cases, not all children. We have already mentioned that the child is an individual, with character, tastes and own personality; There withdrawn children, lonely, separated, unsociable or very serious, or simply do not enjoy parties; and that does not mean they are bad; and if they do not want it, there is no reason to push them to celebrate. There are also age; before the age of three years, few babies who realize fully what it means and who is it for? this party. During pre-adolescence (especially men) often will not like being the center of attention or exposure to the judgment of his friends. By this I clarify again: if the party is the desire of the child or the child.

Personally: I keep a very fond memory of all the small little parties we celebrating my mom. Something that both my brothers and I, we always have this with great gratitude, is that mom told us that she did not celebrating his birthday and never made a pie; and that’s why she learned to prepare cakes, obsequiárnoslo to us in all the birthdays of each of their children. And so he did. And that memory, that effort affection, my mother, although she would not be a happy person or’fiestera ‘year after year, made the sacrifice of a party; bake and decorate a cake; to fix up your home, laugh and sing for watching us laugh; this demonstration of love, will accompany me until the last day of my life and in my dreams I say: For me feel the most important, the queen of the party, for having done so often laugh, tell you with my last breath: Thanks Mom! I hope that in heaven we are at another party!


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