The Forgiveness

‘I think I can now continue

I do not understand my life without you
I forgive and forget
I want to try, if I have not yet lost
there are so many moments that I want to save ”
Song ” forgive and forget ” Pepe Aguilar

‘If ever you thought that you
or your fault I went away; it was not you
So forgive and more
If ever I made you smile
You thought slowly in my
I know I was ……
That and more …. Forgive me
Song ‘Forgive me’ ‘Paul Alboran

” Your forgiveness gave her life and consoled my wounded heart ”
religious song ‘Your forgiveness”

Forgiving: (Latin per and will donate, to give); per, meaning “insistently, often” and donare, which means “give, give.” The per prefix intensifies the accompanying verb, donare.
And this is, in several languages. That is etymologically Forgiving is always giving. Forgiveness comes from generosity.
‘To err is human; to forgive divine ” says the old slogan. However today has spread much the philosophy that ‘only God forgives’ ” neither forgive nor forget ” Eideas like that. And as in everything, the way they think or feel, even if they say it sincerely respects. (Not by a political fashion) But as this thinking deserves respect, freedom can also say that this idea is archaic, too old; It does not correspond to the new way of living in peace and harmony. But if this way of living in harmony, without hatred or grudges, does not seem appropriate to your life, okay! It is valid! but provided only question you; because for a young child, spite, seeking revenge is poison; poison that can consume.
In the 70’s a very nice film was made and very famous called ‘Love story’ ‘whose slogan was” Love is never having to ask for forgiveness’ ‘and to some extent, in essence and determined sense …. I was right. But on one occasion, at a wedding, I heard an excellent homily by a (priest) great speaker saying something like ” No, love is forgiving and dare to ask forgiveness, and again forgive again and again, perhaps not 70 times 7, but if forgiving heart; and recognize that if I was wrong: asking forgiveness’ ‘In these’ times of anger ” reconciliation (interior) harmony, harmony and forgiveness; in the lives of children become more necessary than ever.
Of course, it remains understood that forgiveness is not let you hurt again often as they want; or that the offender will you reopen the heart as if nothing had happened. Even you will forget (I personally never forget anything) less even than what you’ll get back home as if nothing. No, it is not to allow yourself to trample and get hurt again. It is our children do not live in a battlefield and not drink from the cup of bitterness. Do what is necessary because not see as natural the (so widespread now) culture of hatred and resentment. Since bitterness and desire for revenge only brings pain and suffering for children.
It is true that we know not forgive if we can forgive and rid ourselves of those chains and free our children. As a new proverb says’ Sorry, not because the aggressor deserves it, but because you deserve to live without rancor ” and if you deserve that peace that peace, even your children.


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