Peace and The Olympics

” All we say is: Give peace a chance ” (Song of John Lenon)

” Your peace filled my soul,
and having your peace, I do not need anything more ‘religious song’ ‘Simbolum’ ‘

” You have been peace in a world of war ”
(Chapter dialogue ” Troy ” of The Iliad) Song ” my peace ”

recently saw on a wall, written a phrase that came to me so much that I have become something like my creed or my slogan, which says: ” More important than the daily bread, is -the peace- every day; because without that peace, even the best bread tastes bitter ”
As a child, one of my favorite TV shows -after the great Concerts- were the Olympics. I enjoyed as someone older, seeing those mythical figures: Charlavska Vera, Natasha Kushinskaia, Mark Spitz, ” lukewarm ” Muñoz and African sprinters athletes running like gazelles. But the funny thing was that after a few years, it turned out that what I attracted, was not the sport itself, my dad made me realize how wonderful the Olympics, was because it is the great feast of peace.
This corroborating last Friday, during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. The ceremony generally I found it very common, but I was moved to tears to see parading delegations as small countries like Tonga, (with its gorgeous flagman, naked and oiled torso) and countries currently wracked by war and violence, but at the moment: everyone was happy.
“Everyone else, with smiling faces of all colors. Think of the violence plaguing or has hit all of them, the corruption of their governments, natural disasters or fratricidal wars … View parading dancing Ugandans, for example, almost took my tears. Athletes who effusively greet the camera, pulling the viewer kisses, joy for being there and compete. What party! It seems that there has never been wars in Ukraine or Central Europe or massacres in Africa or Central America. No there is no corruption in the Olympic world, but at least there is no such violence that has crippled the world, not knowing what to do. Sport: politics and war by other means.
Not that the Olympics exist in a world apart, it is true, but at least make us think that there may be a way to settle differences cleanly ” (I took this from an article by Rogelio Villarreal)

And it made me think what better thing could there be? to teach our children that sport as a vehicle of peace. And What greater value may be? that exercise the body and keep it healthy, with the hope of living with young people around the world in peace.
It is our duty as mothers, maintain peace in our home and teach our children to settle differences with others, by other means that are NOT injuries, or war in any form. Because, I think all -tristemente- have observed that many moms, not only do not reject, but even encourage their children to violence and hatred. As I mentioned in a previous column: the desire for revenge, violence for the child it is poison that can destroy it. It is better to channel their energy and strength in a sport, but doing everything possible to preserve their mental health and inner peace. Because if not, their violence carried his love of sport; and that is much worse. (As the case of hooligans and violent in football bars) This is the wonder of parties like the Olympics: the discipline to get there is so strong, so strict, that no time, no chance to the young man thinking nonsense like resentment and revenge. It trains you so only think of giving their best; and it is what makes us enjoy those healthy skills both in holy peace. Although we live in a world of war, we must by all means seek peace and give our children peace; because as Mahatma Gandhi said ” There is no way to peace, peace is the way ”
Enjoy the Olympics.


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