” Errors are not chosen
for better or worse
I did not fail when you came … and you,
Did not fail
I learned the difference between and game and chance
who looks at you and who surrenders
none of this was a mistake ”
Song ” Nothing was a mistake ” Coty

” Life is of the two, is of us, much is given or gives little
But you give the heart.
I came to the conclusion that your faults and shortcomings are the best things about you.
Song ” errors and defects ” Maria del Carmen

” There is no one perfect love. We all make mistakes
Love is imperfect, the perfect is inhuman ”
Song singing Manoella Torres

Errors and motherhood: two subjects in which I am widely expert. The consequences of mistakes …. I think for the moment, better not talk! About motherhood: because I’m a mom from age 19 and up to five ago (he left this world) lived with my beloved mother. So now I want to tell a story of a television series; because I think very illustrative of what I’m trying to say.
In the television series “The Sopranos” a chapter in which Tony Soprano, is in session with his psychologist, and when said therapist, insinuates the appreciation that the source of their problems, the treatment gave her mother the replied: “no, this is not right, there has been a misunderstanding, my mother is a good woman and a good mother. We cooked dinner every day for thirty years and was next to our bed when we were sick. I’m ungrateful, I allow my wife to the maltreated and I come to spend my money with you, complaining about it, I’m the one who’s wrong ”
And then, I think the same thing about many moms, who perhaps have not been perfect; all we are wrong, we have made mistakes and made decisions not successful. There is no mother who has not failed at something, sometime. Humans are fallible, and the fact shaping behavior and direct the life of a human being, it implies a high burden of responsibility; even when that human being is loved above all things and would like to avoid all suffering and problems. And if it will increase that our moms (and even to some of us) they passed the tremendous burden that ‘the main purpose of a woman is to educate their children,’ ‘and that’ all the errors of your children, your you’re going to pay ” that was something maddening! It comes naturally out of their boxes and sometimes burst into attitudes and words that hurt. But the important thing is that above all things, is the unconditional love we have for our children, although it sounds trite: eventually understand our mother. Says the slogan ” Errare humanum est ” Especially when something is done for love, from the heart, there is no reason to worry too much as well as we have understood our moms, the children also understand you; because in the end what prevails is love. And there is no error, no equivocation, more powerful than the love between mother and son.


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