Young Mama

Eyes of youth, put on your face God, recreating the light,
like a ray of sun, eternal fullness ………….
old song

sharp thorn golden youth again Who you feel? in the heart nailed.
Antonio Machado.

In being young and too soon Mom, Grandma, I have a very personal experience. I would therefore like to start this column with a few words long, as a letter I wrote to my daughters and grandchildren:
‘Having been young mom, it means that maybe we met very soon, maybe sometimes I was older than mother sister; but I have enjoyed and loved longer. It means that we have always been close; sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile, but never distant. (Among us has not been the generation gap) Now play, share and enjoy my grandchildren, and is likely to meet my great-grandchildren. (Precisely because he was too young grandmother) Some people say that my youth ended when my babies were born, but it is not so! My life just started You did not remove anything! I got a better life! my future is not taken, I got a new one. My daughters took me liberty, taught me true! You my daughters have used all my efforts. All I could have sacrificed, was rewarded in 1000 by one. Because I knew true love; I was born to real life, the day you were born. Although sometimes the only way has been difficult and sometimes has complained me … such complaints were not real; and even if there were people who stole my health and youth, those were not my daughters. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Being a mother and young grandmother, she not stole my youth, adding extended yours. Now that my health is deteriorating: I thank the creator for having made mom and grandmother, still young to have been able to enjoy it the way I did. Thank beloved daughters and grandchildren.

This is my personal feeling towards my daughters, now; today that all the storms have passed. But it is true that being a mother too young, regardless of being single or ‘good’ ‘married (as was my case) is not the ideal, not usually the most prudent in any way.
But when by circumstances of fate, we live motherhood still very young, (regardless of marital status) is normal to face strong feelings: on the one hand, with fair and well-sized rightly fear a new face life at an early age, with pressure so strong environmental, family, friendships and hardness of society weigh too much. And it is nothing less and is sensible to assess the difficulties professional order; and in these cases: (always) training school. It is also important to note that certainly raise a baby, in the strict sense of the words ……. if you trim freedom that every woman as a child waiting, and if you limit the fun and many activities of the youth. And it can create feelings of frustration and bitterness, unfortunately, usually downloaded from our children; and often blame the limitations we have to face.
However, all of the foregoing, are social and strictly practical. Because in reality, my -personal- belief is that the destiny of every woman is writing and that (although it sounds trite and outdated) ‘God knows why does things” Because, for example in my case, in recent times my health has been impaired and had not raised my daughters was very young, when they were girls, in recent circumstances could not have been achieved; in addition to all previously expressed in the letter from the beginning. I also think we’ve all known cases where precisely the responsibility of being a mother, is serving a spur many women to excel and become great in the most significant aspects. In addition to having a great vocation of mothers and power exercise that youth is even more efficient; Added to that the distance of the understanding of the child, (especially in the difficult adolescence) considerably and the joy of living shortens lengthens and enjoys increased with intensity
Being a mother is a wonderful experience; as in all the important things in life, there are pros and cons; so although prudence, sense of planning and good sense are highly useful virtues; properly valued, and whether it should be more prudent to wait the right time, most of the time, motherhood is decided by the supreme being and (although see trite) God does not make mistakes.



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