Super star Mamma

‘I live for her who gives me strength value and reality
To feel a little alive ….

It is the muse that invites you to touch suavecita
In my sometimes sad piano
Death does not exist, if she is here

If she sings in my throat, my darkest penalties frightens

I live for her because she is always giving me the exit
Because music is so
Faithful and sincere for life

I live for her who gives me nights of love and freedom
If there were another life I live for her too
She called music ………… ”
Live song for her Andrea Bocelli

I want to thank the songs that convey emotions
I want to thank so I do feel
I must admit, that music is worth living
So I want to thank for this gift in my ”
Song Thanks to the music of Abba
The recent death of the Divo of Juarez, the great Juan Gabriel, (for reasons that at the moment is beside the point count) has been my inspiration for the next note.
The reference here is to the art of music, which is a server which has been dedicated. But I think the same is true when the child touches a mother engaged in any of the arts.
An artist is not a worker like any other, since one, not a single moment longer singer or actress or musician or a painter or etc …. The mind of an artist lives 24 hours a day stuck in his art; because the artist does not want, you do not need to rest it. Art is like food for the spirit of the artist. (We can not go a day without eating) But that -of any way at all- removes her womanhood and mother, who are given to it by God and nature. So that a mom artist, loves his children, just like a housewife or that of any other profession. (Allowing you more time with them) Although it is risky, I dare say that a mother artist, most of the time, enjoy even more the love and companionship of their children than most. Because the artist (mostly) feel that the gift of motherhood is a double gift of the Creator; and that love their children, added to the public: it is an extra gift.

Of course, we will not put to compare, or (as if there were some measuring method) to measure the maternal love of anyone. This first exhibition of my personal feeling, is a form of justification moms dedicated to an artistic activity, how often (especially in the past) have been so criticized and unfairly accused of bad mothers. This is due to the passion, commitment, dedication, and time study claiming an artistic craft. For an artist can not depend on the schedule of the school or a nursery. Simply presentations, rehearsals, recordings and tours absorb days and full nights. Why an unsympathetic and inconsiderate society, including some husbands, judge the lack of time with children, as lack of love and dedication to his things. Although it is fair to recognize that, especially today, there are men who support them, including women driving, helping with the children, sharing responsibility, encouraging her to develop both his career and his mission as a mother. However (despite living in the XXI century) these cases remain a minority. Most mothers artists, needs the help seguírsela freighting between mother (the grandmother of children) sisters, the family in general; and sometimes lullabies and more: in boarding schools. But this, as another song says ” It’s not lack of love, I love you with the soul. I swear I love you. It is on behalf of this love and for your sake ”
If you reading, dream of their cultural profession, to act before a large audience and live it: you must do it; and if you also dream of having one or more children, you also have to realize that dream. Because the two are sacred gifts. Art gives you peace of mind, enrich your life as a person; but a child is the full realization as a human being. When you manage to combine the two things, life takes on the full realization; no matter what happens later, the end is the feeling that you lived all the best of life; along with your children came to perfect happiness.

Guillermina Espinosa
Cantante de Ópera at Independiente
Cantante de ópera, profesora de música y de historia, promotora cultural, comunicadora, maestra de canto. Orgullosa mamá de tres y abuela de siete. Mamá soltera apasionada de la música y la familia.
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