Reasons why you’re not losing weight after pregnancy.

Being a mother can be such a daunting task that sometimes we forget ourselves, but do not worry that attention to detail are achieved great results.

  1. Beyond all the good reasons that exist around breastfeeding and the many benefits that will be reflected in the health of your child by giving the teat; there is a powerful reason we can not ignore, and that is proven you can get to burn 500 or 800 calories per day! Don’t stop. 
  2. to have your first baby is something that puts our world upside down, is incredibly heavy and really do not know about you, but I end up dead, so think of myself cute was not my priority for a long time, I kept wearing my clothes maternity for more than a year and honestly I was psychologically awful slump, zero motivation. It is not using minis and tight clothes, you can even buy a pijama, but a funny one!!!
  3. Tired of cooking healthy for your baby? Your husband comes tired from work to take you out? Besides you, not even in your dreams take out gun to comb your hair and then to iron ??? And if we ordered a pizza and we see House of Cards on Netflix ???

4. You prepare breakfast for the children and enlist for school, while you do have to keep trying as it is, that if a piece of ham, one bread […] Children are going and how you did not eat well, you sit down to breakfast as two hours later you have to think about food, what I’m going to give? You do your mental menu and start cooking, as you do because you’re trying to see how it is becoming. You go for the kids to school and sit and eat with them, you repeat the scene at night with your husband. Where’s the ball? In your tummy.

5. If you do not walk, food is distributed not only accumulates. And there is no way to direct it … because if so I would be happy sending it to my ass with that is fashionable […]

Now you know, little habits make big differences.


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