Stretch marks? Where?

After pregnancy, everything returns to its place (though you do not feel well), but what about stretch marks that come bundled with everything and pregnancy? As a mother, you may be proud of her post-baby brands or “war wounds”, or not? That being honest is more than 90% of cases. Now, how about I tell you that your stretch marks might appear not by pregnancy ??? Oh really!

Continue reading us for you as you find out that this is possible?

And, as we can fight it?

Stretch marks are scar tissue and appear as stripes, long and narrow, stripes or lines that develop in the dermis or middle layers of the skin of women and men. They can occur in the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, arms and lower back, and usually appear lighter or darker than the color of the surrounding areas of the skin tone. Most people tend to blame pregnancy or rapid weight gain, as the main circumstance that accelerates their appearance, but they are not the only reason. Elevated levels of cortisone hormone produced by the adrenal glands make the collagen and elastin fibers tearing when the skin is stretched. Hormone levels tend to vary depending on various factors such as genetics, puberty, diet, disease, and even some treatments and medications.

Is there a way to avoid them? Well well we do not know, but we can recommend the use of oils and creams (based on cocoa, preferably) to increase the elasticity of the skin.

The first is to recognize, first appear in a pink tone by pulling a red or deep purple, but over time, they become white, which is what we intend not reach, because it is almost impossible to reduce. Exfoliation also helps to remove old skin cells. While stretch marks can disappear definitively and decrease treatment time, when they appear as scars can may not be able to be completely eliminated unless laser, which makes it an expensive treatment. That’s why we recommend better self-love and acceptance, or have a good piggybank made, or a generous husband 😉

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