Health of the Soul

” It does not matter every night that I waited, every street or labyrinth I crossed

Because the sky has conspired in my favor, and within a second of surrendering I found you
You turn lights in my soul.
I believe in you, and in this love that has made me indestructible,
That stopped my free fall
I believe in you and my pain stayed behind
My ghosts today are finally at peace. ”
(I believe in you song by Reik)

‘You found me on a black road, like a pilgrim without direction or faith
And the light of your being so divine, changed my destiny by joy and pleasure ”

“I have a completely sick soul. I just want to go back to my mother’s arms
(Song Je suis malade of Dalida)

I know that the present is a delicate subject for a servant, since I am not a psychologist, nor an authoritative voice in the subject and it is not in any way my intention to take me attributions that do not correspond to me, nor to usurp spaces; I am aware that in this magazine you write excellent psychologists and experts in these subjects. My only intention in dealing with it is to do it from the point of view of an experienced teacher, of governess (who also became me) of mother, grandmother, aunt, godmother, in sum of woman who loves children, especially the Innocent and defenseless and who feels a deep compassion for all the innocents who suffer or live in an unfavorable condition. And because this column is about the experience as a mother in the spiritual realm and the feelings; And in it is elemental the health of the soul and consequently the pursuit of the happiness of our children; Of what this space is about.

It is much said that “Mind heals in a healthy body” and (although less) also “health of the soul, it is mental health.” I repeat, I am not a psychologist, but personally, I believe both proverbs have a Little of reason, but not quite. Since there are people with a body sick or injured or weak, and with an admirable sanity and mental health; And on the contrary: people with a perfectly healthy body and strong, but not his mind, and others, unfortunately, even less …. his soul. The violence so widespread, that in the last times we are living, same that has reached the children. In recent times we are seeing a violence and lack of human sense, even among children, becoming younger, Which forces us to rethink: what values ​​are we giving our children? Are we taking care of your true education, your moral health? Will not we be neglecting the important thing, in instilling anger, discrimination, lack of tolerance towards people different from him?

Perhaps something is failing in education, in neglecting care for disadvantaged people, in wars that the media show us, trying to instill in them politics, trying to convince others of our ideas: political, religious, sexuality, etc. . Perhaps all of this has created a sick society in many ways.
What, in my humble opinion, we must avoid, because above all, our obligation as mothers is to keep their soul, their spirit healthy. In the intense course of my life, I have observed that, in what is quite right the saying, is that in most cases, the mind does seem to be connected to the spirit or the soul; The mind is to the brain and the brain is part of the body. So that although what I say sound rhetorical, tangled and cantinflesco, it is the only form that I encounter; “Healthy mind in healthy body” is not completely true, but it is. And here’s the central point: experts say that just as most diseases of the body can be prevented by prevention, some forms of psychic discomfort can also be prevented in childhood. So that we as mothers, we can expect our children to be adults with sanity, peace and emotional health, regardless of any setback that could suffer their health. Experts also say that some psychological or neurological disorders are caused by some bodily diseases and physical anomalies; And that there are traumatic events that are triggered by deficiencies or physical propensity. But in my experience, I have noticed that when in the mind and the soul there is peace and tranquility and the child lives in a peaceful environment, surrounded by love, and has been inculcated and strengthened the true and most essential values; If by accident an accident or something that causes a neurological or psychological problem arises, it will not have dire consequences. If before that, the child was happy, usually still happy. I know two people who, despite suffering pathologies, are very good people, useful and integrated; And several children who, despite having intellectual disabilities, are completely happy. What, in my opinion, is the only thing that we as mothers should seek and seek at all costs. The moral, emotional peace and happiness of our children must be the first and foremost priority. Given these values, any other is superfluous and irrelevant. Because, in addition: Who can define who is sane? What is sensible and healthy? Who can say with certainty, that is correct and what not? Who has not been told he’s a little crazy? Who has not been through a depression or a rare state? And who is exempt from losing reason? No one has the right to judge another and we can never please all people.

Among the things that my wise father taught us, he often said to us, a wise Chinese proverb that goes like this:
” If you have lost your fortune, you have lost nothing
If you’ve lost a love, you’ve lost something
If you have lost your health, you have lost a lot
But …. If you have lost your morale: you have lost everything ”
So is! The only important thing is that our child is a good person, that he does not hurt others, that he never passes over anyone, and above all: That he is satisfied to live; That you thank the life you gave him and (or) you took care of him; Make it a happy person! The only thing we can control in our children is their peace of mind, the health of their spirit or their soul; The only thing we should seek by all means is its inner peace, its happiness.


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