Suave Patria: I love that no myth,
but by your truth blessed bread;
as a girl peeks through the fence ……………
(Small fragment of Suave Patria Ramon Lopez Velarde)
‘Mexico, I believe in you,

Because you’re the top of my departure
And the starting point of my impulse
My credo, Patria, has to be yours,
As word that saves
And as the anchor …! ”
(End of paragraph ‘Mexico believe in you’ ‘of Ricardo Lopez Mendez)

‘The three loves that life gave me:
love of man, love of country and love of God ‘
(Song ” the three loves ” Alvarez)

‘Because the language of childhood, is a secret between the two
Because you gave your protection, the uprooting of my heart ”
(Serenade for the one Earth ” Mercedes Sosa)

The issue before us today, it seems another topic ” oldies ” especially because have to start by saying (as whiny little old lady) it seems that ” children today are no longer taught civic values. 

” From Of course, I admit that this perception is very general and somewhat superficial; because, in reality, children and young people today are so diverse in their education and values ​​as before. However, the educational and cultural community in particular, we view that to be minimized (and in some cases eliminated) the subject of Civics, if it has been it undermines the social education of children. For some time, the elderly, we have the feeling that in recent years, children and youth with severe lack of civic values, has increased. Perhaps some of you will ask: What does the chair of citizenship and patriotism, to be a good mom? The answer is: because civic values, equal respect for the law, all persons with whom they will live and the rights of all.
As is my custom I exemplify with an anecdote: Once, a friend told us about that, ” when small child, Sept. 12 at night, told his mom the next morning, he must go in disguise; her mom was assumed that was’ child hero ” and (instead of scolding him for warning late) got to work on it until the morning: cardboard and newspaper made a hat cadet, cut a jacket and a belt of his brother, to make your suit; and the way to school, his dad was lecturing to ask what name (child hero) had been assigned, they record it, so that when told, he answered: ” died for the homeland ”. But he suffered a tremendous disappointment when arriving, all his companions were dressed rancheros, of ” Mexican ” and asked him why? The soldier was dressed; at that time he felt ridiculed, embarrassed and gave courage to his mother, for having exposed to mockery; but over time, I realized the love and dedication of his parents large; and all the sacrifices they were willing to do for them; for their children to be good people with values, valuable human beings, useful to society ” And this story was the one that led to being and he a professional, felt very curious to conduct research on the historical reality of the chapter of the Heroes Child, (on which there are many doubts) itself in currently working, in addition to his career ”

with this story try to make a reflection of how important it was in our time and our mothers, respect for civic values, love patriotic symbols. Why is it important love of country? If country is just where we happened to be born! We disagree about it; it is said that ” Patria is all I see, the floor I floor, which gives me shelter and feed me ” Also that ” Patria is what’s in my blood, part of my heart ” Because having well sitting the concept of homeland, this gives a sense of belonging, of identity, ” under ” as the song says Mercedes Sosa. Therefore, you want everything in this country: their land, their culture, their values, their living, their ecology and to all who share it. And this, the child learns from the womb of his mother, assimilates it to be suckled and obviously learn to begin to live together in society; learn to share with others, to respect them, because they learn to see them as equals, like his brothers. So that is not complicated, teach values ​​to a child from birth, or from acquiring the use of reason, and has no sense of respect for others, their country, the laws of life in coexistence and love for life. (Their own and others’) These are the civic values.


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