Family Time

” I want to die at your side, I swear to my mother
I want to always be with you in your tears and your joy ”
(Old Song Goldfinch)

” I did not know, of sorrow, or tears
Or anything, I do mourn
I knew of love, tenderness
Because mí¬ from small
That taught me mama.
That and much more
I never I suffered, I never cried
I was very happy, I lived very well ”
(Song until I met you. Juan Gabriel)

‘For you I care, since we were kids,
It is so wonderful to know that you think other being
And in the end you and I are someone they have and feel sincere affection
So always you and I live so happy watchmen
You can count on me, I tell you
At any time and on any terrain
I confirm daily the same: I am at your pace
I am your friend and your brother ”
(Song of Destiny Juan Gabriel)

In these songs Juan Gabriel expresses what was for him the ideal always maximum: A FAMILY. With all the good that comes with having a family and have the love of it.
It is my custom in this section, to share my personal experiences; and by doing this no pun intended apology for my religious beliefs; My only intention is to tell an important story for this case: once singing at Mass, the day of La Sagrada Familia, during the homily, the priest said something like this, ” Jesus Christ came to suffer all human sufferings that I knew would have to suffer poverty, humiliation, misunderstanding and even die in the greatest pain: one thing I did not want to do without: a family. He who was ready to face the loneliness and said, ‘My soul is sorrowful even unto death’ ‘the only solitude would not suffer, the only abandonment which did not have to happen, was that of his family,’ ‘reproduce those words so intense that came to us; since some time later, we talked with a priest friend, who said that the only thing, really hard way of life, the only painful lack, was the strong possibility of reaching old age without a family. And though perhaps should not, I will light (as we call it in the family) the tristómetro, telling a very sad experience: When I was sick, hospitalized for a long time in Hall oncology (as unfortunately usual) was a lady very young, terminally ill; and he told me I had not so much afraid to die; but if I was going to leave her child alone; (The 12 year old girl was there almost all the time) because they had no family. I never knew why those without family, but I squeezed the heart to think of the fate of that child.

All this is just to express extreme importance of the family in the life of every human being. The family is not only ‘the foundation of society’ is also the pillar sustaining the life of a child. In addition to the largest source of tranquility for all mom. And this not only for what that ” no one have the insured life ” and the sad story I told. This also applies in everyday field; not only in the sorrows, the joys also.

Returning to talk about me, most of the fondest memories of my life that make me smile all the way, are those of the holidays, parties and walks with my family. And in my long experience I have talked to many young people, who have had a similar experience; why I say that is the pillar of self esteem and safety of a child.
we will not get into complexities, not to create controversy over differences in ideology, making differentiation ” models ” family. I think I can say that I am of the opinion that: a family consists of more than two people who love each other; and all these people are willing to live together, love each other more than anything, care, support, succor, accepted and (when one fails) forgive. And I think that every child should be born, live and be always protected under the shelter of a family who loves him. For as the psalm says, ” There is nothing more to strengthen life, being loved ” And as I said a slogan eighties’ postscript, long live the family!


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